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  • MISMON  THE CYCLE OF HAIR REGROWTH – This innovative permanent hair removal device from Sensica is the next generation in IPL hair removal. Our RPL (Reactive Pulsed Light) technology makes the hair remove safer and more comfortable. 6 adjustable energy settings with energy recommendations ensuring gentle and effective treatment, clinically proven results and FDA cleared, this is a unique and effective product for home use.
  • YOU CAN’T ARGUE WITH SUCCESS – 98% of all those polled said that they had hair reduction after just 8 treatments. The high-performance integrated quartz lamp of this painless hair remover, delivers unlimited flashes and disables hair regrowth from the source. The heat of the absorbed light of this home-use face and body hair remover device dissipates into the follicle, generating a thermal effect which causes a long-term reduction in hair growth.
  • MISMON  FOR USE ON BODY AND FACE – SENSILIGHT PRO comprises 2 useges windows: THE LARGE WINDOW (1.8”2) – The largest available today, enabling faster treatments on larger areas. THE SMALL WINDOW (0.8”2) – Especially designed for small areas such as the upper lip, chin and jawline. 600 flashes between charges (enough for a full-body treatment).
  • AN AMAZING GIFT – This handheld, cordless and portable, ergonomically designed face and body hair removing tool is the ultimate gift for yourself or for someone you love. Both women and men will enjoy using this easy, painless and efficient hair reduction tool on their personal hair areas. For that special someone in your life this is the perfect birthday, anniversary or Christmas gift.
  • MISMON – At Sensica we focus our efforts not only on developing devices that really do work and make you feel your best, but on really being there for you. With this rechargeable IPL device, you receive a 2-YEARS GUARANTEE as well as our in-depth unique knowledge of powerful skin technology, free face to face video advice and useful tips to make sure you achieve real beauty results. BUY YOURS TODAY and enjoy affordable hair removal in the comfort of your own 

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、Operation system: ipl
2、Energy Level:1-5 levels 3、Input power: 48W
4、Wavelength: 510-1100nm
5、lamp life: unlimited
6、Spot size:3.0cm2
7、Voltage:100V-240V,50Hz/60Hz 8、Certification: CE ROHS FC
Mini portable permanent laser hair removal machine ipl device
H19631709a1e342229008111b4a903f4di H19631709a1e342229008111b4a903f4di
most effective IPL hair remover
rose gold/custom color
5 adjustment levels
CE, RoHS, FCC, 510K
design patent
Hair removal spectrum
Skin rejuvenation spectrum
Acne treatment spectrum
2022 Home Machine Permanent Laser IPL Hair Removal permanent ipl hair removal home use laser mini ipl device
Hair removal
Type of light
Sapphire and Intense pulsed light (IPL)
White, Green, Pink, Rose gold. Or custom color
Cooling function
YES (some didn’t do this)
Shooting mode
Auto/Handle optional
Touch LCD display
YES (some didn’t do this)
Lamp life
Unlimited flashes
Hair removal :510nm-1100nm
Energy Density
9-15J. Available custom energy
Skin touch sensor
Energy levels
5 adjustment energy levels
CE RoHS FCC LVD EMC PATENT 510k ISO9001 ISO13485,etc
510k certificate
510K is a well known certificate which is the indicates the products are effective and safe!
Appearance Patent
Hbcb89f05c2cf4195b783fc856cf6ec30P Hbcb89f05c2cf4195b783fc856cf6ec30P
H9558a028037e4efa812cdc9154e06e52C H9558a028037e4efa812cdc9154e06e52C
H19631709a1e342229008111b4a903f4di H19631709a1e342229008111b4a903f4di
H2bbbbbfd71444f85a0366ebb3fa4e780l H2bbbbbfd71444f85a0366ebb3fa4e780l
Hd97becf75c05430bb6c3521c45a7db15N Hd97becf75c05430bb6c3521c45a7db15N
H6a5432314ffb493898f5255e429e6b99m H6a5432314ffb493898f5255e429e6b99m
H055dbc93606f4cbc9634a15fe546ce6bT H055dbc93606f4cbc9634a15fe546ce6bT
H8844df241d134885a5d672f9561f8b46w H8844df241d134885a5d672f9561f8b46w
H07b9b97faa7949b1931ec8e589d10327Q H07b9b97faa7949b1931ec8e589d10327Q
H4f7b0bc732c540058e7551ee7204c0c08 H4f7b0bc732c540058e7551ee7204c0c08
Product Paramenters
H7bd52965bc6047949bc7533111ef275aR H7bd52965bc6047949bc7533111ef275aR


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