Multifunctional Electric Salad Fruit Vegetable Slicer Kitchen Cutter Carrot Potato Chopper Cutting Machine Stainless Steel Blade


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With it, you can have an electric vegetable cutter and an electric meat mincer and an electric cleaning brush at the same time, a multi-functional set.

It is more convenient to cut and side dishes, fresh ingredients, easy to clean, use it once and fall in love with it!

About this item

  • Filling Hole: It is also convenient to add one, avoiding the tedious steps of opening and screwing the cap, and the long ingredients such as pepper, cowpea, yam, etc. can be directly inserted;
  • Directly Put Into the Pot: shot-cut slicing, no need for a container to cook in seconds, the garlic slices and chili rings are even and beautiful;
  • Comfortable Grip: Breaking the dangling click mode of the traditional electric garlic paste, the ergonomic design does not tire your hands;
  • One-key Cleaning: The whole machine is rinsed, the feeding hole is added with detergent to start with one key, and it can be washed with running water by stirring for 5 seconds.

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Product information:

Name: Handheld cooking machine
Material: ABS+PP+PC+stainless steel
Size: about 20.5*9.5*8.0(CM) single host
Motor power: about 40W
Function: electric, multi-function

Size Information:

Material: ABS+PP+PC+ stainless steel

Size: About 20.5*9.5*8.0(CM)

Motor Power: About 40W

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Packing list:

Cooking Kit*1
Slicing kit*1
Cleaning brush*1
C port charging cable*1
Shovel*1(the color will be white or black, subject to the actual product color received)

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Additional information

Weight 0.50 kg
Dimensions 225 × 100 × 110 cm

Green, 2pcs Green

Electrical outlet



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