Laser hair removal device


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Applicable parts: whole body
Number of hair removal: 600,000 times
Accessories: adapter + host + English manual
1) First plug in the power and turn it on; select the gear; it is recommended to start slowly from the low gear to the appropriate gear for the first use
2) Please place the laser head on your skin. After the power indicator flashes, press the launch button to complete an operation; move to the next part and continue to repeat the operation.
3) After power-on; short press the launch button to emit light, long press the launch button to switch between automatic/manual light emission mode.e0eab082 d44e 46ce 85be 78892c59a961 e0eab082 d44e 46ce 85be 78892c59a9618ee6d96d def1 4fea 945f bc00d6972ad4 8ee6d96d def1 4fea 945f bc00d6972ad405b7675e 9999 4de7 8737 8b56d5189d7a 05b7675e 9999 4de7 8737 8b56d5189d7aea5aff1b c18c 49df 89bd 11ec0f3d33fb ea5aff1b c18c 49df 89bd 11ec0f3d33fbe5a57b88 bad3 4161 a9df 59137d74ddcd e5a57b88 bad3 4161 a9df 59137d74ddcd8201af8a 50a6 4e06 b0b4 ad8416899900 8201af8a 50a6 4e06 b0b4 ad84168999000c9b7c76 6bbc 451d 8aa5 c55606bf0227 0c9b7c76 6bbc 451d 8aa5 c55606bf0227405da943 9f49 4f7e 9e8d 9f294ffe9109 405da943 9f49 4f7e 9e8d 9f294ffe9109cec8f578 fb30 4ae0 9b92 e4f4ed51b8ad cec8f578 fb30 4ae0 9b92 e4f4ed51b8ad5f3ade4a a6bc 46d8 94f1 28a006a111ee 5f3ade4a a6bc 46d8 94f1 28a006a111ee1c247eb9 a8bf 4ff6 b08d 806ec41069e7 1c247eb9 a8bf 4ff6 b08d 806ec41069e7

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Weight 0.55 kg
Dimensions 200 × 150 × 100 cm

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