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【Safe Approved】 MiSMON laser hair removal has been safe certified in the world, this certification is the highest testing standard for medical beauty equipment in the world, It is known as the “American health patron saint”. MiSMON IPL hair removal is the effect of using laser damage the melanin of hair follicle, build-in automatic skin sensor, will achieve Gentle, Painless, permanent hair removal. 【Clinically Proven & Effective Hair Removal】Clinically test Proved: After 3-4 treatments, the visible effect of hair reduction and grow slowly, and most of the people up to 94% permanent hair reduction after 7- 9 treatments. The higher the energy, the better the hair removal effect, but For safety reasons, please try from low to high, Friends who are not fair-skinned only recommend 1-3 level. 【More Smarter for Use】 Home IPL hair removal use hand-held design. It has an LCD screen which could show flash number (total 300000 flashes); lamp type(lamp head could be replaced by “HR HEAD” or “SR HEAD” if used out); and energy level(1-5 energy level).ect of using laser damage the hair follicle to achieve permanent hair removal. 【Wide Range of Applications】Permanent Hair removal machine applies to most parts of the body area including legs hair, underarm hair, arms hair, forehead hairline, chin, back, butt, bikini line part, etc. not suitable for Lip, head area. 【Best Sale Service】12 months warranty, 3 months free return or replace no any reason, please read the instruction manual carefully and pay attention to some contraindications, and feel free contact us if you meet any questions, we have professional technology team service for you within 10 hours on business day.
PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL FOR WOMEN & MEN Who Can Use the MiSMON Pro? MiSMON hair removal applies to men or women’s legs, armpit, bikini line, chest, belly, back, chin, and arms etc. Don’t use it on around the eyes, head, ears, eyebrows or eyelashes. It works best if you have dark hair and light skin, as shown on the left.

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IPL Hair Removal
Main Ingredient
applies to men or women’s legs, armpit, bikini line, chest, belly, back, chin, and arms
Remove Hair Painess
1HR head One machine, packed with box
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