Ice Cube Tray With Storage Box Quick Demould Ice Cube Moulds Lazy Ice Maker For Cocktail Whiskey Bar Kithcen Tools Accessories


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【Multi-function Set】-Package contains 2 ice cube trays + ice container + lid + scoop. It makes a good enough amount of ice to store. Freeze your ice cubes and pour them into the icebox for easy access
【Simple to Use】-Just twists the ice cube tray left and right to release the ice cubes, easy. The ice cube tray has a practical cover to prevent moisture from overflowing the refrigerator compartment and to prevent the absorption of peculiar smells in the freezer compartment
【Food Grade Material】-Ice cube tray is made of food-grade PP material, safety and durability. The ice cube tray makes 24 nice-sized square cubes. The container and the scoop is made of sturdy plastic and won’t break easily. Holds 48 ice cube nuggets
【Stackable & Space-Saving】-The lid, ice tray, icebox and ice shovel are stackable, which can be easily put into the refrigerator and help you save space in the freezer

Product information: 

Material: Plastic
Capacity: 24 grids
Colour:Yellow Soft Bottom Single Layer 24 Grid-Send Ice Shovel,
            Yellow Soft Bottom Double Layer 48 Grids – Send Ice Shovel

Size Information:

Outer box size: 28CM(L)*13CM(W)*9.5CM(H)

Packing list:
Ice cube storage box*1 Ice shovel*1

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Additional information

Weight 0.66 kg
Dimensions 300 × 150 × 115 cm

Yellow, Blue, Pink


Double layer, Single layer, Upholstered


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