Flat Squeeze Mop Lazy Mop With Bucket Wringing Floor Cleaning Mop Hand Free Microfiber Mop Pads


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1. Microfiber flat mop head, use advanced production technology, soft, lint-free, clean strong, scratch-resistant and prevent odor or mildew.
2. Unique 360 degree no dead angle structure design, you can easily move to the narrow environmental and remove the corner stains.
3. The force parts of the use is high-strength material, ensure the reliability and stability of the mop.
4. It can flexibly rotate, clean corners easily, save time, save effort and no worry.
5. Standing ventilation, easy drying and less bacteria, saving household space.

Plywood size: 38*12cm
Mop material: cotton thread
Corrosion resistance: grade 10
Drive Type: Dual Drive
Mop bar material: stainless steel
Mop bar load-bearing: less than 10KG
Dehydration rate: 90%-100%
Squeeze water: slide type
Mop bar type: lift bar + plastic disc
The proportion of new plastic materials: 100% new materials

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Spray water mop set*1

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Weight 0.87 kg
Dimensions 120 × 135 × 44 cm

Standard, Standard two pieces of cloth, Standard four cloths in total, Standard three section rod


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