Ceramic Mug Couple Mug


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1. High temperature decal craftsmanship, smooth matte glazed surface, comfortable hand feel and not easy to fade, giving you a long-term company
2.450ml capacity, used to brew coffee, milk tea, drinks are very good, enjoy a comfortable meal
3. With the same series of cup lids, it is dust-proof and has a certain thermal insulation effect, which is warm and intimate.

Product information:
Color: white, black, gift box
Capacity: 401-500ml
Style: ins style
Material: Ceramic
Applicable people: general

Size Information:

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Packing list:
Gift box*1
Cup + Gift Box*1 Set

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Additional information

Weight 0.52 kg
Dimensions 145 × 143 × 183 cm

White, Black, Gift box, White gift box, Black gift box




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