3L USB Automatic Pet Cat Dog Feeder Drinking


* 360° circulating filtration, each drop is fresh and living water: with the circulating water channel design, the flowing water is in full contact with the filter element, and the circulating filtration is more sufficient.
* Auto Power-off: The pump will shut off automatically when the water runs off to protect the pump from burning which will release you from worrying about the safety issue when you’re not home. And it’ll be back on operation automatically after it’s connected.
* 5V USB power supply: Safe and environmentally friendly, suitable for 5V USB charging interface, even if the pet is accidentally bitten, it will not be injured by electric shock.
* Water storage at the top: Occasionally small power failure, not afraid, a transparent window for easy observation of water volume, add water.
* 3L large capacity, you will only need to refill the water once or twice a week instead of daily.
* Separate design for easy and simple cleaning. The bucket and the top layer are separated for cleaning without dragging the line, making cleaning easier.

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Filter replacement instructions:
1. It is recommended to replace the filter element every 30 days to achieve a good filtration effect.
2. The filter may be a little dusty when it leaves the factory, which is normal. It is recommended to use a new filter after soaking in clean water for 2 minutes.

3,The product is always out of water

Applicable objects: cats and dogs
Material: ABS
Power supply: USB interface
Water tank capacity: 3.0L
Color: black, white, pink, blue
Replace the filter element for 3L cat automatic waterer

Package Content
1*Pet Feeder


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Additional information

Weight 1.19 kg
Dimensions 230 × 230 × 150 cm

EU Ordinary, US Ordinary, Ordinary


Blue, Black, Pink, White


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